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What you need to know about abscessed teeth in Lakeland, FL

What are abscessed teeth?

A pocket of infected pus formed around the roots of teeth is known as an abscess. This problem can occur to anyone from a child to an adult and result in suffering and pain. However, with the help of proper dental care and treatments, the condition can be improved. However, you would need an experienced dentist or endodontist to cure your problem and help you avoid it to reach beyond your roots to other parts of the body.

What is the cause?

The teeth are hard on the outside, but inside, you would find a pulp of tissues, nerves, and blood vessels that sometimes might get infected. Various factors might cause the infection; some of them have been listed below:
It is essential to treat the infections on an urgent basis. Ignoring them would kill your teeth’ pulp and lead to greater pain and suffering.