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Oral cancer screenings

Oral Cancer Screening in Lakeland, Fl

You might already know that visiting your dentist once every six months is necessary. They would check your teeth and gums for cavities and other issues. However, your dentist can be your defense against a more severe problem- oral cancer.

The American Dental Association recommends that you should get your oral conditions checked once every six months. You should also get your teeth professionally cleaned and get them checked for early signs of cavities and infections. You can also use your routine visits to the dentist to get your oral cancer screening done.

Oral cancer initially appears as a mouth sore, but as the disease advances, it can become deadly. If you find any sore or lumps in your mouth that would not go away and spread to different parts of your oral cavities, then that could be a sign of oral cancer. In those cases, you should get your mouth checked by a dentist immediately. Remember that ignoring oral cancer can advance the disease and might lead to death.

Why oral cancer screening is important?

Oral Cancer Screening at Waterlake Family Dentistry would not prevent the disease, but it would detect it at an early stage. This would help in better treatment and increase the chances of getting cured. You can come for a screening examination during a routine checkup or contact a nearby dentist in case you notice the following symptoms on different parts of your mouth:

Waterlake Family Dentistry has an experienced dentist, Dr. Lisa Ma, who has experience in various dental services. Apart from your regular dental checkups and cleanings, she can also help you with oral cancer screening and safeguard you from this life-threatening disease.

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