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Implant Crowns

Implant Crowns in Lakeland, Fl

Implant crowns provide the finishing touches after your dental implants have been placed. The devices are fixed on the abutment fixed onto the external face of the implant and look like natural teeth. At Waterlake Family Dentistry, we provide dental crowns made of a wide range of materials such as porcelain, ceramics, and metal alloys. We are located in Lakeland, Florida and provide our services throughout the region.

Need for Implant Crowns

Once you have undergone a dental implant procedure; a dental implant crown will be the next step. The crown will be placed on top of the implant and will work together to restore the looks, functionality, and feel of the natural tooth.

Implant crowns are required in different scenarios. They help prevent the remaining natural teeth from moving towards a gap created by missing teeth and provide a permanent solution. The implants are firmly fixed in the jawbone and feel just like natural teeth. Once installed, the implants are cleaned just like your natural teeth.

Types of Implants

While there are different types of implant crowns based on the choice of material, it is important to determine the right one based on how they fix to the abutment. Our dental labs will create implant crowns based on instructions from our dentist. There are two types of crowns:

Benefits of Implant Crowns

Implant crowns are perfect for anyone with one or more missing teeth. These dental devices can last for decades while maintaining your teeth’s natural looks and performance. Some of the other benefits of them are as follows:
Implant crowns help preserve the jaw bone and act as long-lasting solutions, improving your overall oral health. At Waterlake Family Dentistry, Dr. Lisa Ma will help you make the right decision for correcting your dental health problems. We are members of the American Dental Association, Florida Dental Association, and the West Coast District Dental Association. In addition to restorative dentistry, we also provide emergency and cosmetic dentistry services in Lakeland and the surrounding regions.

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