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Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment in Lakeland, Fl

Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps make your teeth stronger and prevent cavities. It is an eminent part of your overall oral treatment. Fluoride helps make your teeth enamel healthy and fights the bacteria present in your mouth. They are especially helpful if your mouth is prone to cavities or dental caries. They are the build-up on teeth and gums, which forms a sticky layer of plaque. The plaque produces an acid that causes teeth and gum erosion. If the plaque breaks down the layers of enamel, it can harm and infect the nerve and the blood running throughout your body.

What are the benefits of fluoride treatment?

The advantages of getting fluoride treatment are:

Who needs Fluoride treatment?

For all the reasons listed above, children and adults are strongly recommended to undergo fluoride treatment. This is essential even if your teeth are healthy and strong. The bacteria in our mouth and the food we eat build up an acid which ultimately breaks down our teeth, including the enamel. The fluoride treatment helps make our teeth healthy and strong and rebuild the lost enamel.

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