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Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies in Lakeland, Fl

Any dental issue that needs immediate treatment to stop bleeding, alleviate pain, or save your natural tooth, is considered a dental emergency. They are very common, but not all dental issues are treated as an emergency. For example, a lost filling might be inconvenient, but it is not an emergency. Whereas, if you have received a blow on your face and fractured your teeth, it is the best decision to rush to your dentist for immediate treatment.

What are the common dental emergencies?

A knocked-out tooth, an abscess in the tooth, or severe toothache can be considered a dental emergency. If you have had a recent trauma, which caused broken or missing teeth, or any other form of injury leading to pain and discomfort, then it would be best to seek emergency care and rush to your dentist right away. Severe infection in the mouth can lead to tooth abscess, a dental emergency. If left untreated, it can get further complicated and require immediate treatment from your dentist. Here are some of the issues that are considered dental emergencies:
Dental emergencies can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. Contact our dental office in Lakeland, FL, if you have any of the above issues or any other dental problems that you think are an emergency. Dr. Lisa Ma will assist you and help eliminate any pain and discomfort.

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