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Tips to keep your teeth sparkly and white even with braces in Lakeland, FL

Tips to keep your teeth sparkly and white even with braces on

Braces are excellent ways to get rid of uneven teeth, and if you are wearing them, it does not mean that you would have to compromise on bright white teeth. Yellowing and staining are common problems, and you can get rid of them even with your braces. You would need to follow certain tips to get that white smile with braces.

Use whitening toothpaste

This is the most common method used to whiten your teeth. You would need to brush daily using whitening toothpaste that contains fluoride. This is very important to ensure your dental health. The whitening toothpaste also contains abrasives like baking soda and peroxide, which work great in removing stains from the teeth. But you would need to remember that these would remove the stains from the teeth’s surface without changing the enamel’s color. You would also not have to take any special precautions while brushing with these toothpaste. They work normally, and you can use them like normal pastes. However, brush carefully with braces and always use a soft-bristle toothbrush.

Importance of Flossing

Another important aspect of whitening the teeth is keeping them clean. Flossing is essential for dental health. You might face some difficulties initially flossing with braces but keep doing this, and you will get a habit of it. This is very important as food debris caught between your teeth can cause decay and discoloration. Post the flossing sessions; you should clean your mouth properly with water.

Consulting the dentist

Apart from the home remedies, you can also go to the dentists to get your teeth professionally cleaned. These are the quickest and most effective ways of whitening your teeth. They use a bleaching solution that removes the stain instantly and bleaches the color of your teeth instantly. However, you might face some problems, like stains and spots below the braces, as your dentist would not be able to clean it from below the braces. You would need to take care of both your braces and your teeth. When you keep your braces clean, it would also positively impact your teeth. Try avoiding sticky and hard food that might cause problems to your braces.